Always know what you have been working on 🤩

Waywo asks you in regular intervals what you are working on in that certain moment.
Get the free browser extension and become a time tracking ninja 💪

Track where your time is going

Waywo main screen

Toggl backend

As tracking backend Waywo uses the battle-proven Toggl.
(No worries it's free)
Never loose any of your entries.

Keyboard driven

You do not have to leave the keyboard for creating new entries.
Fast time tracking with minimal interruption

Browser based

As Waywo is a webextension for Chrome or Firefox it works with any system.
Time tracking tool for Linux / Windows / Mac / ChromeOS

Improved billing

Indepth time information for solving billing disputes with your customers.
Less headache with billing hours


🙄 No Waywo

🙄 General entries
🙄 Shallow information
🙄 Same entry names every day

🤩 With Waywo

🤗 Unique entries
🤩 In-depth information
🥰 Better base to solve billing disputes

Get Waywo


  • Full functionality
  • Get reminder every 25 minutes (one pomodoro 😉)
  • Shortcut for closing popup
charged annually
  • All from the Free plan
  • Change reminder timeout
  • Shortcuts for Start & Stop of entries
  • No more license key interruptions
  • Support an independent developer
  • Why annual charge?